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Salon 1988

by Salon
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Salon is a unique champagne. Defined by its singularity since the very beginning, this exceptional wine is the champagne of a single terroir: the Côte des Blancs; a single cru: Le Mesnil-sur-Oger; a single grape variety: Chardonnay; a single year: that of a great vintage; and of one man: Eugène-Aimé Salon.


At Salon, only the exceptional years are judged fine enough to produce a Champagne vintage.This only arrives approximately every 2-3 years, and 1988 is the 31st vintage in 76 years. There are rare cases that two great years follow each other as in 1928 and 1929, and 1982 and 1983.


1988 : The year of surprises.
Surprises, yes, for in climatic terms the weather this year was average, unremarkable even, alternating between scattered rain showers and spring sunshine, a non-eventful flowering, a fine fruit set, and finally a good harvest of ripe grapes, in reasonable quantity, and all picked on 26th September in the Côte des Blancs. All in all, a normal year for such a superb and complex wine. It puts one in mind of a dull pupil, who passes unnoticed all year and who suddenly reveals his genius and creates a stir at his final exams.


To keep its character intact, Salon should be served not chilled, but at cellar temperature, ideally between 10 and 12°c.


Salon 1988 is Champagne Salon by another name, that is to say it expresses the best qualities and ideals of Salon : finesse and power, subtle aromas changing and developing on the nose and palate, evolving in the glass and in the mouth, but nevertheless, a wine with presence, with an aura.

Salon 1988 imposes itself by its complexity, by its ability to surprise which is the charm of a great seducer. But there are no elements of a Don Juan here : the wine is real, honest and faithful, a great lover.

In a fluted glass, a transparent clear gold colour shines. A fine mousse rises to form an ascending column, slow rising and spreading out in a persistent circular motion.

The nose is complex : warm toast and brioche, truffles, contrasted with hints of candied lemon and citrus fruits. On the second taste, the breadth of the wine explodes on the palate. It makes you dream of caviar to accompany the wine.
On the palate, tasted not too chilled in order for its subtleties to develop, and as well aired as it should be, Salon 1988 has a freshness and a silky, full elegance ; it is honeyed, with a marriage of citrus elements and the creamy, grilled aromas of ripe Chardonnay, and these elements bring to perfection the wonderful qualities of the 1988 vintage in Champagne.

This is followed by a cascade of secondary aromas, of trills, enchantments and crescendos : you can never reach agreement or harmony, it makes one think of Mozart….

It is typical Salon - -long in the mouth, flawless, clear, with faint dosage. Marvel at this Salon 1988 which allies finesse and power in a richness that delights like an opera.


Its richness, the complexity of its aromas as well as its exceptional length in the mouth allows Salon to be tasted as a great wine. As an aperitif or to accompany a Champagne dinner, one can match it voluntarily with fine and delicate foods such as belon, caviar, nages of fish and shellfish, scallops, foie gras, white meats, fresh fruit desserts…