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Happy Happy Soy Boy: Twice the Happy, Double the Good!

Happy Happy Soy Boy: Twice the Happy, Double the Good!

Love a creamy latte but looking for a dairy-free alternative? Look no further than Happy Happy Soy Boy! Made with whole, non-GMO soybeans, Happy Happy Soy Boy is:

  • Smooth and delicious: Enjoy a perfectly frothy latte or a delightful addition to your cereal.
  • Good for you: Packed with protein and free from added nasties like stabilisers and artificial flavours.
  • Happy for the planet: A plant-based choice that's kind to the environment.

Start your day with a double dose of happy with Happy Happy Soy Boy!

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Climate Champions

Climate Champions

Happy Happy Soy boasts a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional dairy milk, reducing your environmental impact with every sip. Made with sustainable, non-GMO soybeans, it requires far less land and water than dairy production. Happy Happy Soy is currently 100% carbon neutral, offsetting emissions to ensure a truly happy choice.

Feel good about what you drink, choose Happy Happy Soy - the delicious, sustainable plant-based milk!

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Perth Metro Delivery

Perth Metro Delivery

We're extremely pleased to be able to offer a delivery service to our Perth Metro customers! With a flat rate of $14 for delivery of up to 3 cartons of any of our alternative milk products - it doesn't get easier to get your delicious almond, soy or oat milk at home.

Our goal is to expand our alternative milk delivery to the rest of WA - so stay tuned as we work out the best way to do this.

If you're looking to procure larger orders, reach out to one of our specialists and we'll hook you up with a more cost-conscious delivery structure custom-fit just for you.

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