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Crafted for baristas and foodies

Crafted for baristas and foodies

All of the milks in our range are designed to deliver exceptional texture and stretch in the barista jug and a delicious creamy taste in your coffee mug. Our products are proudly Australian-made from the highest quality ingredients, with a strong emphasis on local sourcing.

For baristas

Baristas love working with MILKLAB because our made-for-coffee range is created by the industry, for the industry. Our milks come in easily identifiable colourblocked packs with twist-top lids for improved speed of service.

For foodies

Coffee lovers enjoy MILKLAB for its delicious taste and smooth mouthfeel that complement espresso coffee. We carefully source the best quality ingredients from Australia and abroad — this is the key to MILKLAB’s signature creamy taste.

Doorstep Delivery
Rich & Creamy mouthfeel

Rich & Creamy mouthfeel

The MILKLAB family of plant-based and dairy milks has been developed to complement espresso coffee. With our signature creamy taste and high performance, our milks not only taste delicious but are perfect for texturing, stretching and creating latte art.

We colLABorate extensively with the coffee industry to create our products. The result? Milk that’s made especially for coffee — whether you enjoy MILKLAB in a barista jug or a coffee cup.

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Perth Metro Delivery

Perth Metro Delivery

We're extremely pleased to be able to offer a delivery service to our Perth Metro customers! With a flat rate of $14 for delivery of up to 3 cartons of any of our alternative milk products - it doesn't get easier to get your delicious almond, soy or oat milk at home.

Our goal is to expand our alternative milk delivery to the rest of WA - so stay tuned as we work out the best way to do this.

If you're looking to procure larger orders, reach out to one of our specialists and we'll hook you up with a more cost-conscious delivery structure custom-fit just for you.

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