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Pudu Intelligent Food Delivery Robot PDBOT1

by Pudu
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Pudu Intelligent Food Delivery Robot PDBOT1

Food Delivery made easy with our friendly and smart premium delivery robots! PUDU SCHEDULER has adopted a decentralized, flexible ad hoc network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. Each robot can directly communicate with any robot in the same network, and quickly calculate and make decisions. 


Key Features:

  • VSLAM solution provides more precise positioning and more stable operation
  • Revolutionary 3D obstacle avoidance solution for faster perception and safer delivery.
  • Obstacle detection frequency up to 5400 times per minute
  • Customer Attraction
  • Greeting & Escorting
  • AI Voice Interaction
  • Multiple Delivery Modes
  • Automatic Recharging
  • Automatic Localization and Navigation System
  • Compact Design for Improved Agility
  • 18.5 inch Ad Display With AI voice interaction: Marketing Expert on Wheels
  • Multiple tables
  • Impressive Auto-charging function for All-day-long Service
  • Flexible Dish Cover (Optional)


Additional Information:

  • Minimum pass width: 55cm (ideal choice in complex and crowded environments.)
  • Cruise Mode: accompanied by broadcasts about services and promotions.
  • Charging time; 4.5h
  • 10kg/tray x 2 + 1 basket
  • Tray size: 352mm x 340mm
  • Charging point: at the left bottom of the robot
  • Gap between two trays: 240mm
  • Max Weight Load/Tray: 10kg
  • Trays: 2x 352x340mm 1x basket
  • Min Clearance (mm): 550mm


Warranty: 1 Year Supplier Warranty from PUDU