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Krug 1988 Magnum

by Krug
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The year 1988 alternated perfectly between heat and rain until harvest, which took place between September 26th and October 6th . It was a year without excesses that created the conditions for a slow maturation while keeping a very high level of freshness. The result was extremely balanced grapes with a perfect equilibrium between freshness and maturity. As it was such a special year, the choice to create Krug 1988 was an obvious one.

Deep, intense golden colour announcing maturity, opulence, harmony and elegance. ▪ Exotic, complex nose consisting of white fruits, truffle, spices, honey, slightly browned apples and a hint of high-toned flowers, with a gentle nuttiness in the background. ▪ Long, fresh and elegant palate, it is full of sensations: orange blossom, dried figs, ripe quince, mild spices such as cinnamon and ginger combined with tones of maple syrup, dark chocolate, coffee, honey, as well as roasted notes. It has a crystal and long finish with undertones of mineral and spices.

Ex château 2004 via Infinity ow