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Ex-Showroom: Pizza Dough Roller RM42TA-NSW1369

by F.H.E
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Ex-Showroom: Pizza Dough Roller RM42TA-NSW1369


Lot Number: NSW1369

Class Number: Class 1

Conditions: Item is new, no packaging

Warranty: 12 months


With the experience of two hands, and the speed of many, make your pizza dough in no time! Our pizza dough roller is designed to cold work the dough so as not to alter its characteristics.


Key Features:

  • 1200 mm wide
  • Comes with foot pedalStainless Steel bodies 
  • Only 3 seconds per pizza base
  • Meets health & safety regulations
  • Foot pedal 
  • Thermal motor protection 
  • Two forming passes 
  • Parallel
  • Comes with foot pedal


Additional Information

  • Pizza Base: 26cm to 40cm Ø
  • Capacity: 210 to 600g
  • Working dough thickness: 1mm to 4mm