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Benchstar 17L Speed Oven NP-ProSiT

SKU Benchstar 17L Speed Oven NP-ProSiT
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Benchstar 17L Speed Oven NP-ProSiT


Key Features

  • Stainless steel body 
  • 5 inch Touch Screen CTL 
  • Single magnetron, low power consumption 
  • High efficient magnetrons on top for peak productivity and even cooking while retaining moisture in food 
  • Multipurpose unit combining microwave and hot air impingement 
  • Built-in oil smoke filter and catalytic converter 
  • Easy to clean, maintain and operate 
  • Pre-set menus and manual setting modes, can store up to 1024 menus 
  • 15 Cooking Stage 
  • Cooking Mode: Vertical hot air impingement, Microwave & convection 
  • Convection at bottom to make colour of food more attractive
  • Microwave Output Range: 0-100%, in 10% increment 
  • The cooking time depends on mostly the beginning core temperature of food. 
  • Variable setting to suit frozen or chilled food. Microwave thaws food rapidly without drying out food moisture 
  • IPX3 Waterproof Rating 
  • Comes with Round Pizza Pan, Teflon Mesh Basket, Round Teflon Mesh Pad, Oven Shovel, and Inner Hall Grill 
  • 10 Blower Speed with Timer and USB Port


Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labour