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390-650ml - 12-22oz 90mm Large Flat BioCup Paper Lid Ctn 1000pcs

by Biopak
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Our large flat paper sipper lids are lined with a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. They are certified industrially compostable to Australian AS4736 standards. These lids are suitable for our hot & cold paper BioCups.


Designed and produced specifically for our BioCups to ensure a leak-proof seal every time.

Strict quality control standards ensure critical tolerances are maintained and guarantees a leak-free secure fit every time.

Our bioplastic lids are made from Ingeo™, an ingenious bioplastic made from rapidly renewable plant-based resources. Manufacturing Ingeo produces approximately 80% less greenhouse gases and uses approximately 52% less non-renewable energy (NREU) than traditional polymers like polystyrene.

Our PS lids are made from conventional plastic and are recyclable in the recycling stream. Non compostable.

Our bioplastic lids provide an option to divert waste from landfill wherever commercial compost facilities are available.

Our paper coffee cups and lids have a 12-month shelf life from date of purchase.

We offer custom embossing and colours on cup lids – minimum order quantity is 1 million units/size.


Carton quantity: 1000
Sleeves per carton: 20
Units per sleeve: 50
Carton Size LxWxH (cm): 48.5 x 39.0 x 35.0
Carton gross weight (kg): 4.760000
Carton barcode: 19344062074462
Raw Material: Paper
Lining/coating: BioPlastic - Ingeo
Window Material: None
Printing Type: Flexo
Inks: None
Dimensions top LxW (mm): 90x90
Dimensions base LxW (mm): 95x95
Product Depth: 16.0
Product weight (g): 2.3
Thickness: 263gsm
Use: Cold, Wet & Dry Products
Manufactured: Taiwan
Customise: Print
Mould fees: Yes - see custom packaging
Quality product certified: ISO 9001
Factory food safety certified: BRC, HACCP
Corporate social accreditation: SA 8000
Home compostable: No
Industrially compostable: Pending Certification to AS4376 Australian Standards
Recyclable: No