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30ml PLA Sauce BioCup Ctn 3000pcs

by BioPak
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Our 30ml / 1oz sauce cups look and perform like conventional plastic portion pots but are made from Ingeo™ bioplastic. These eco-friendly cups are certified industrially compostable and carbon neutral. Note: this sample cup has no lid and is for cold use only.


BioPak sauce cups are available in sugarcane sauce cups and bioplastic sauce cups.

Choose bioplastic sample cups over conventional plastic sample cups to reduce greenhouse gases by 75%.

Our sugarcane disposable sauce cups are plastic-free, made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp – a by-product of the sugar-refining process that remains after the juice has been extracted and would otherwise be burned.

These portion cups are perfectly sized to function as condiment cups, sauce cups, dips cups, sample cups and small serving cups.

Our PLA bioplastic clear condiment cups are certified industrially compostable to AS4736 and our sugarcane cups are certified home compostable to AS5810 and industrially compostable to AS4736.


Carton quantity: 3000
Sleeves per carton: 30
Units per sleeve: 100
Carton Size LxWxH (cm): 58.5 x 31.5 x 22.5
Carton gross weight (kg): 5.500000
Carton barcode: 19344062000584
Raw Material: Bioplastic - Ingeo™ PLA
Lining/coating: None
Window Material: None
Printing Type: None
Inks: None
Brim fill capacity (ml): 30
Dimensions top LxW (mm): 44x44
Dimensions base LxW (mm): 30x30
Product Depth: 34.5
Product weight (g): 1.22
Use: Cold use only
Manufactured: Taiwan
Customise: Unavailable
MOQ custom: N/A
Mould fees: No
Environmental production certified: ISO 14001
Quality product certified: ISO 9001
Factory food safety certified: HACCP
Corporate social accreditation: SA 8000
Home compostable: No
Industrially compostable: Certified to AS4736 Australian Standards, Certified to EN13432 European Standard
Recyclable: No