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17.5cm - 7" PSM Fork Ctn 1000pcs

by BioPak
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Our PSM cutlery is made from 70% plant starch and 30% polypropylene. All our cutlery has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional plastic.


    Our BioCutlery is made from bioplastic, produced from a 70% plant-starch and 30% polypropylene. This cutlery offers a cost effective alternative to our 100% plant-based bioplastic and contains a high content of rapidly renewable plant material.

    All BioPak’s single use disposable cutlery has a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic cutlery.
    BioCutlery is heat-resistant and sturdy.

    Our PLA cutlery has a 6-month shelf-life.

    Our CPLA and PSM Cutlery have a 6-month shelf life from date of purchase.

    This range of bioplastic cutlery cannot be composted. Please use the general waste.


    Product dimensions: 178 x 25mm
    Pieces per carton: 1000
    Pieces per sleeve: 50
    Carton dimensions: 36.5 x 37 x 24cm
    Carton total weight: 5.25kg
    Manufactured: China