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Wrapping your Meat: Foil or Butchers Paper?

Wrapping your Meat: Foil or Butchers Paper?

There's quite a bit of debate about how to wrap your meat when smoking in a Big Green Egg or offset pit smoker. It usually centers around which method works best, but the debate can centre more on tradition for some hardcore BBQ fans.

Some pitmasters consider it cheating if you wrap your meat at all (The Texas Crutch), others think it impacts the crustiness of your bark.

Check this TikTok from the meat maniacs at Big Don's Smoked Meats based right here in Perth:

Big Dons Smoked Meats

For me personally, I use it as a way to ensure my internal temp hits the number I need it to heat with ease (195-200 °F). It's really about peace of mind, like most of the methods I lean on when doing a long cook where blowing it is too painful to bear.

Also, notice Big Don's team have heaps of space....and a helper....and no wind....and a huge roll of butchers paper. I'm usually on my patio with an easterly and drunk buddies that aren't that useful.

Foil vs Paper

My go-to solution is wrapping in a large roll of heavy-duty foil (I don't need it tearing when I wrap or a bone breaking through). It's easy, I can do it one handed - and it really keeps that heat and moisture in effectively - letting me hit my temp and delivering a perfect brisket every time.

The downside of a thinner consumer foil is that the foil will often stick to the meat or bone if you're cooking short ribs. It's easy enough to peel off, but it just annoys me. Butcher paper is great for it's non-stickiness.

Next week we put these premises to the test with our heavy-duty foil and the butchers paper from BGE! Stay tuned!

Lucky Boy Pitmaster


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