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Elevate your grilling and smoking game with our powerful WiFi Pro Set, featuring the Classic MeatStick and MeatStick MiniX, paired with the WiFi Bridge for ultimate versatility. With this set, you can cook any meat to perfection while monitoring the temperature at all times.

Unlimited Range / 2-Probe Package. With Meatstick WiFi Pro Set, the MiniX Charger allows you to keep tabs on your meat up to 260ft away, while the WiFi Bridge delivers temperature signals anywhere with a WiFi or internet connection.
You can even link up to eight Sticks to our cloud for enhanced control over your cooking. The WiFi Bridge also boasts an Xtender mode, enabling temperature transmission up to 300ft away, even without WiFi. With this powerful kit, you can achieve mouthwatering briskets and steaks with ease.
📡 Range: Unlimited Range

🎁 What's in the Box?
MeatStick (Red) + MeatStick Mini + MeatStick Charger + MiniX Charger + WiFi Bridge + Case.

Smart Wireless:
Experience the ultimate in culinary ease with the Classic MeatStick and MeatStick Mini - the dual smart wireless meat thermometers for all sizes of meat. No mess, no wires - just insert them into any type of meat and let them cook wirelessly, whether you're grilling and smoking outdoors or cooking with an oven or air fryer in your kitchen. Enjoy hassle-free precision cooking with the Classic MeatStick and MeatStick Mini.

App Controlled:
Cooking has never been easier with The MeatStick App, your personal smart sous-chef. This app has everything you need to cook like a pro, including CookTime™ Smart Alerts, a comprehensive guided cook list, an intuitive interface and convenient Cook Notes (iOS only).

With real-time temperature monitoring, you'll never have to worry about overcooking or undercooking your favorite meats again. And, it's compatible with any iOS or Android device, including Apple Watch, you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

Highly Durable with Quad Sensors:
The classic MeatStick and MeatStick Mini are both durable, reliable cooking gadgets that are dishwasher-safe and deep-fryer proof.  They're great for smoking (MeatStick) and sous-vide and have long battery life (24+ hours for MeatStick, 8+ hours for MeatStick Mini). The MeatStick has an internal (Max. 212ºF/100ºC) and ambient sensor (Max. 572°F/300°C), while the MeatStick Mini has only one internal sensor (Max. 185ºF / 85ºC).

  • Ceramic Handle | withstands up to 572°F
  • Stainless Steel Probe | ithstands up to 212°F (MeatStick) / 185°F (MiniStick)
  • Deep-Fry, Sous-Vide & Dishwasher Safe
  • Temperature Range: 32-212°F (MeatStick) / 32-185°F (Mini Stick)
  • Ambient Temperature Range: 32-572°F
  • Battery Life: 24 hrs+ (MeatStick) / 8 hrs+ (MiniStick)
  • Magnetic Back for Easy Access
  • Powered by 2 AA Batteries (not included)
  • Note: MeatStick Mini has no ambient temp sensor