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Revolutionize your grilling and smoking experience with MeatStick 4. This next-gen wireless meat thermometer boasts True Temperature Quad Sensors and Dual-Shell™ High Durability, allowing it to withstand harsh cooking environments - including your smoker, pellet grill, oven, and even air fryer - and remotely monitor accurate temperatures for perfect results with The MeatStick App.

Built to last for 70+ hours, MeatStick 4 is perfect for all types of meat cooking, especially American BBQ, delivering effortless meat mastery every time with juicy, smoky brisket, pulled pork, and more. For even more convenience, monitor your meat up to 650 feet away with the Xtender built-in premium Charger using advanced Bluetooth technology. With this setup, keeping an eye on your meat is easier than ever.

📡 Range: 650 Ft Range

🎁 What's in the Box?
1 Stick (Dark Grey) + 1 X Charger


Smart Wireless:
Say goodbye to messy wires and cooking mistakes with the MeatStick 4 - the next-gen smart wireless meat thermometer featuring True Temperature Quad Sensors. Insert it into any type of meat and let it cook without any hassle, whether you're cooking with an oven or air fryer in your kitchen, or grilling and smoking outdoors. Experience the ultimate culinary ease with the MeatStick 4

App Controlled:
Cooking has never been easier with The MeatStick App, your personal smart sous-chef. This app has everything you need to cook like a pro, including CookTime™ Smart Alerts, a comprehensive guided cook list, an intuitive interface and convenient Cook Notes (iOS only).

With real-time temperature monitoring, you'll never have to worry about overcooking or undercooking your favourite meats again. And, it's compatible with any iOS or Android device, including Apple Watch, you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

Highly Durable with Quad Sensors:
The MeatStick 4 Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer is a durable, high-performance gadget with a Dual-Shell™ design that's dishwasher-safe and deep-fryer proof. With 70+ hours of battery life, it's perfect for smoking and sous-vide. It has True Temperature Quad Sensors, including three internal sensors (Max. 212ºF/100ºC) and one ambient sensor (Max. 572°F/300°C).


Ceramic Handle | withstands up to 572°F
Stainless Steel Probe | withstands up to 212°F
Deep-Fry, Sous-Vide & Dishwasher Safe
Temperature Range: 32-212°F
Ambient Temperature Range: 32-572°F
Battery Life: 70+ hours powered by 2 AA Batteries (not included)
Magnetic Back for Easy Access