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Sanitiser #9 High Performance No Rinse Surface 20LT

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No Rinse Sanitiser #9 is a superior quaternary ammonium compound which has broad spectrum activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. No Rinse Sanitiser #9 was independently tested under the TGA instructions for testing a commercial disinfectant (method EN1276 - S. aureus, E.coli, Salmonella Typhimurium) and kills 99.9% of germs at a contact time of 1 minute. Refer No Rinse Sanitiser Test Data - 2020 report (available on request)


No Rinse Sanitiser #9 provides excellent microbial control in water containing up to 400 ppm hardness.

No Rinse Sanitiser #9 is safe to use on food processing equipment, utensils and food contact surfaces and articles before contact with food, when the product is diluted with potable water and used in accordance with label directions. Reference FDA CFR21 178.10.10

Safe for septic tanks and sewerage treatment plants, will not affect aerobic activity in industrial settling ponds and will not be detrimental to marine life when used in accordance with label directions.

Kills 99.9% of germs at a contact time of 1 minute.


Use Directions: Surfaces to be treated with No Rinse Sanitiser #9 must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed first. Do not mix No Rinse Sanitiser #9 with any other chemicals. To ensure optimum efficacy, only prepare diluted solutions with potable water in clean, dedicated spray bottles. Dirty or contaminated spray bottles will reduce the performance.

Food Contact Surfaces: The recommended dilution for sanitising food contact surfaces is to mix 5 mL of No Rinse Sanitiser #9 to 1 litre of potable water. Apply to surface that is to be sanitised and ensure thorough surface coverage and at least 1 minute contact time is obtained. Allow to dry. No rinsing is required.

Food Utensils and Equipment (e.g. Dishes, Cutlery): Mix a fresh solution of 50mL of No Rinse Sanitiser #9 per 10 litres of warm potable water. Once items have been thoroughly cleaned, immerse into the sanitising solution ensuring all surfaces are covered. Ensure at least 1 minute contact time. Soak porous surfaces for longer to ensure penetration. Remove item and allow to drain and dry. Replace solution frequently or when soiled.