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Rinse Aid for Dishwashing Machines - 20L

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This 20L drum of Rinse Aid for Dishwashing Machines by Chemform is a must-have for any commercial or industrial dishwashing operation. Its powerful formula helps to prevent water spots and leaves dishes with a sparkling clean and streak-free finish. With a large quantity available, you can save time and money by purchasing in bulk. Keep your dishes looking their best with this trusted and efficient rinse aid.


Features and Benefits:
RINSE AID enables dishes and cutlery to drain sparkling clean even in hard water.
RINSE AID eliminates streaking and spotting.
Very fast drying time facilitating swift return of tableware for re-use.
RINSE AID reduces labour costs by eliminating manual drying of dishes.
RINSE AID removes the possibility of cross-infection by eliminating the use of tea towels that in many instances are contrary to health regulations.
RINSE AID is safe on all metals encountered in dishwashing machines.
RINSE AID is readily biodegradable and phosphate free.
RINSE AID is suitable for septic tanks and waste water treatment systems

Use Directions: RINSE AID is made specifically for use in dishwashers. Your Chemform representative will adjust the chemical strength to suit your particular needs. The product is dosed automatically by electronic dispensing equipment supplied and serviced by CHEMFORM. The temperature of rinse water should be kept between 80-85°C for optimum performance.

Safety Information: Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more information or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.

2x5L, 20L
**This product Is Kosher Certified