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Hand Sanitiser Gel 80% Ethanol 5LT

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Made by industry leader Chemform, this hand sanitiser gel contains a powerful 80% ethanol formula. Ideal for high-traffic environments, it comes in a convenient 5L container for easy use and storage. Keep your hands clean and germ-free with our expert-grade hand sanitiser gel that will leave skin feeling fresh and soft.


80% ethanol formulation to ensure optimal sanitisation.

• Thick luxurious gel prevents the product from running off hands.
• Fragrance-free and non-sticky formulation.
• Contains glycerine to protect and condition the skin.
• Ideal to be used through Chemform’s Pure Skincare dispensers.
• Ideal product for all industries including education, hospitality, facilities management, mining, transport, workshops, sports clubs, gyms and more.

Use Directions: Apply sufficient Hand Sanitiser 80% Gel undiluted onto hands and rub well to thoroughly cover all surfaces including fingernails, thumbs, fingers and wrists. Allow to completely dry before touching any other surface.


Safety Information: Hand Sanitiser Gel 80% is classified as HAZARDOUS according to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) criteria of Safe Work Australia and is classified as a DANGEROUS GOOD according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.