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Fagor Kore 900 Series LPG Pasta Cooker - CP-G905LPG

by Fagor
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Fagor Kore 900 Series LPG Pasta Cooker - CP-G905LPG

Grill x 1

Size: GN-1/1

Basket: 3 x 1/3

  • Surface tops manufactured in 2mm thick 304 stainless steel
  • Tanks with 1/1 dimensions, capacity 40 litres. Accommodate different configurations of different sized baskets
  • Standard configuration: three 1/3 type baskets per tank
  • Draining of tank by means of high temperature resistant mechanical ball valve with safety overflow
  • Automatic safety system that breaks the circuit if the water runs out
  • Controls set on a protective base with a system against water infiltration
  • Access the components from the front
  • Machines with IPX5 grade water protection
  • Gas models with stainless steel burner situated on the outside of the tank with combustion chamber that allows the tank to be heated from the bottom and sides
  • Heating controlled by safety valve