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Fagor Kore 900 Series Electric 120L Bratt Pan - SB-E915IM

by Fagor
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Tilting bratt pans are so versatile devices that when fitted with the right accessory (tilting pan, thermostat, filling tap...) they can be considered as four in one machines.

They can be used:
_as a fryer, to fry small size products.
_as a fry-top, to grill or "dry heat cook".
_as a boiling pan, for wet cooking.
_to bain marie, keeping minimum temperature.

Laser cut and automatic welding for a perfect adjustment of sides between modules with square angle finish.
Stainless steel pan, particularly suitable for delicate cooking.
Very thick container bottom (10 mm) to ensure even heat distribution.
Pans' minimum edge radio 3.5 mm for better hygiene.
Wide discharge opening for easy cooking and cleaning operations.
The pan is made according to EN-202-3 standard for materials in contact with food.

Electric heating by means of shielded stainless steel electrical resistances at the pan bottom.
The pan thick bottom ensures an even distribution of heat and an even cooking of food.
Range of temperature between 100 and 310 °C controlled by thermostat.
Fitted with safety thermostat.
Automatic heating shut off when the container is tilted.
The pan can be filled by electro valve operated by a switch at the front panel. The filling tap is located at the back of the machine.
Lid is double-lined, with back drain to redirect condensation water into the pan.
Lid-balancing springs. Front access cover handle.
Automatic tilting system. The pan can tilt 90 º, for a total emptying
Water-tight and protecting-support controls.
High temperature protector for the chimney made of enamelled cast iron.
Front access to components.
According to European standards for components and panels temperature, efficiencies and combustion, and sanitary regulations (EN-60335 and EN-203)
IPX5 grade water protection equipment
Maximum power: 22.5 kW
Dimensions: 1.200 x 930 x 850 mm

2 Years Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts only Warranty with Product Registration within 14 Days of Invoice