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Fagor Concept Rack Conveyor Dishwashe Left Side Entrance CCO-180ICW

by Fagor
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Fagor Concept Rack Conveyor Dishwasher Left Side Entrance CCO-180ICW

If you desire an easily accessible dishwasher that’s large in capacity and can fit within your large restaurant or store, then the is your answer! Coming in with double effect rinse and pre-rinse, our Concept Rack Conveyor Dishwasher is nothing but perfect for your needs.

Enjoy a high-power washing system with 5 upper and 5 lower washing branches, and a prewash module with 3 upper and 3 lower washing branches. This is a fast selling purchase for any prospective restaurant or café owner who operates a medium to large establishment.


Key Features:

  • Prewash module with 3 upper and 3 lower washing branches
  • High-power washing system with 5 upper and 5 lower washing branches
  • 3 washing programs: intensive (90 baskets/hr), medium(135 baskets/hr), high capacity(180 baskets/hr)
  • Double effect rinse and pre-rinse
  • Comes with 2 base baskets, 2 baskets for plates, 1 basket for cutlery

Additional information:

  • Modules Consumption: AS-260 + LP + DA


Anti-splash guard supplement


Main wash


Double effect rinse and pre-rinse


Cold water prewash


First wash with hot water

  • Left Side Entrance


(*) 90 baskets/hr 125 baskets/hr 127 baskets/hr
II 135 baskets/hr 175 baskets/hr 255 baskets/hr
III 180 baskets/hr 225 baskets/hr 320 baskets/hr

(*) The standard DIN 10534 is met at this speed

Remember that the quality of the wash depends on the speed of the appliance and the type of dirt to be washed.

Therefore, the wash speed should always be appropriate for the dirt on the dishes.


Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour