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Chemform Heavy Duty Cleaner - Elbow Grease 20L

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Elbow Grease is a liquid all-purpose product formulated for the maintenance of most surfaces found in the catering and related industries.
Use Directions: Elbow Grease is an effective maintenance cleaner in all catering areas. Solutions of Elbow Grease are safe on hands if used for short periods. However, if used for long periods, the use of gloves is recommended.
Elbow Grease should be used at the recommended dilution rates as follows, through a Chemform sprayer or by damp mopping. 


Safe to use: Does NOT contain butyl type glycol ethers. Direct skin contact with the product will NOT cause long-term health problems.
Remarkable cleaning action. Just spray a solution of Elbow Grease onto the surface to remove dirt, grime and grease quickly and efficiently.
Doesn’t damage surfaces. Elbow Grease can be used on all washable surfaces. It is non-corrosive to aluminium, brass, steel and other alloys.
Versatile. Elbow Grease is a cleaning kit on its own, replacing many separate products. It will remove animal fat, carbon, crayon, dirt, dyes, grease, ink, protein and vegetable oils.
Elbow Grease rinses easily without filming or streaking surfaces.
Economical. Elbow Grease can be diluted up to 1:100 with water.
Non-toxic and non-tainting. When diluted as directed, Elbow Grease can be used in food preparation areas.


Dilution Application 1:2 Periodic removal of heavy grease build-up beneath kitchen canopies or ventilation grills. 1:3 Softening carbon deposits in ovens and grills. Use while oven is still quite warm. 1:5 Removal of soft grease deposits or dried blood from worktops and floors. 1:10 Routine maintenance of white tiles, paintwork, grills etc. 1:20 Heavily soiled floors. 1:50 Daily floor maintenance. 1:100 Window cleaning.

Environmental Statement:
ELBOW GREASE is inherently biodegradable.
ELBOW GREASE can be used with dispensing equipment for portion control.
ELBOW GREASE is chlorine free.
ELBOW GREASE uses recyclable packaging