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Bleach 4% 5LT

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Bleach 4% 5LT is a powerful cleaning, whitening and de-staining solution from Chemform. Its 4% formulation allows for maximum effectiveness in removing tough stains and disinfecting surfaces. With a generous 5L container, you'll have plenty of product for all your cleaning needs. Give your home or workplace the ultimate clean with Bleach 4% 5LT.


Mixing Instructions: Always dispense, measure, mix and use this product in clean plasticware. Never use stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminium or any other metal for this purpose. Never mix Bleach with any other chemical product as they may neutralize the bleach or may cause
dangerous reactions. 5mL of Bleach in one litre of water produces a concentration of 200 parts per million available chlorine which is sufficient for most applications.

Use Directions
Bathrooms: To remove stubborn stains, disinfect and deodorize the bath, basin, floor, shower recess, tiles, grouting and all other hard surfaces. Wash the area, then wipe with a cloth dipped in a solution containing 5 mL of bleach per litre of water.

Kitchens: Great for disinfecting food preparation areas and floors. It should be used with care on aluminium and silver as they may discolour. Use at strength of 5 mL per litre of water.

Laundry: Excellent for whitening whites and disinfecting the wash. Just add 50 mL to the wash prior to adding the clothes. If this is difficult, pre-mix 50 mL of Bleach into a litre of water and add to the machine. Never use Bleach on coloured fabrics or drip-dry materials, silk, woolens, rayon or acetate.

Mould and Moss: Bleach will instantly kill black and green mould found in bathrooms and showers. It will also kill green moss found growing in damp areas. Mix Bleach with an equal amount of water and spray onto mould or moss.

Fruit and Vegetable Washing: Bleach is a food grade (sodium hypochlorite) solution containing 4% available chlorine (at time of manufacture). Washing raw produce with chlorine has been shown to reduce the number of contaminating microorganisms. Food authorities recommend that all fruits and vegetables be washed clean with potable water and then sanitized by soaking in a solution of 100ppm free chlorine. This is achieved by making a solution of 3mL of Bleach per litre of potable water. Then add washed produce, agitate to ensure all surfaces are wet and air bubbles are removed and soak for 5 minutes. Do not rinse if the final chlorine residue in the final product is at or below 1ppm free chlorine (maximum residue set by the Australian and NZ Food Standards Code 1.3.3).

Safety Information: Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more information or consult your Chemform representative for further assistance.