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#7 Air Freshner 5LT

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This non-toxic eco-friendly product is for all areas that need freshening. The odour neutraliser combines with the bad smell and eliminates it while the fresh fragrance is left without having to compete with bad odours.


Applications: Air Freshener #7 is a multipurpose product and can be used in any area that needs a fresh clean smell. Suggested areas include: Motels/ Hotels  |  Cafes/Restaurant |  Dining Rooms  |  Accommodation Areas  |  Nursing Homes  |  Bars  |  Schools  |  Child Care Centres  |  Hospitals

Use Directions: For low to moderate odours, use at 200mL per litre. For strong odours, use undiluted (neat). Fill up spray bottle with fresh water. Adjust nozzle to produce a fine mist and spray in the air. Safety Information Air Freshener #7 is classified as NON HAZARDOUS according to the GHS criteria of Safe Work Australia and is classified as a NON DANGEROUS GOOD according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. Refer to our safety data sheet (SDS) for more information