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460ml - 16oz (90mm) White Double Wall BioCup Ctn 600pcs

by BioPak
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Paper BioCups are made from premium paperboard lined with a plant-based bioplastic. This cup is printed kraft-look. This 16oz white double wall cup fits our large lids.


    Our white takeaway coffee cups offer a blank canvas for you to stamp or decorate as you wish – or simply a muted alternative to more colourful cups.

    BioCup double wall coffee cups are designed with an extra layer of paperboard and a textured pattern for additional insulation to protect consumers. A more economical and eco-friendly solution than double-cupping extra-hot drinks like teas and long blacks.

    These disposable cups are made with premium paperboard lined with Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants, not oil.

    We use a heavy-duty, premium quality board giving our paper cups superior stability, better lid fit and insulation.

    These sustainable coffee cups are designed to be commercially composted as part of the circular economy.

    They are certified industrially compostable to Australian standards (AS4736) and European standards (EN13432).

    These compostable cups are printed with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly water or soy-based inks.

    Our disposable coffee cups with lids have a 12-month shelf life.

    Deciding between single wall coffee cups and double-wall coffee cups? Learn about the difference between single wall and double wall cups in our blog.

    Custom coffee cups are our speciality! Design your own paper cup. We offer free printing for orders above 50,000 units/size.


    Carton quantity: 600
    Sleeves per carton: 15
    Units per sleeve: 40
    Carton Size LxWxH (cm): 46.0 x 29.5 x 63.0
    Carton gross weight (kg): 13.000000
    Carton barcode: 19344062004742
    Raw Material: Paper
    Lining/coating: Bioplastic - Ingeo™ PLA
    Window Material: None
    Printing Type: Offset
    Inks: Food Contact Safe Inks
    Brim fill capacity (ml): 464
    Dimensions top LxW (mm): 90x90
    Dimensions base LxW (mm): 60x60
    Product Depth: 136.0
    Product weight (g): 21.6
    Thickness: 285gsm + 35gsm PLA
    Use: Hot and cold
    Manufactured: Taiwan
    Customise: Print
    MOQ custom: 50000
    Mould fees: No
    Quality product certified: ISO 9001
    Factory food safety certified: BRC, HACCP
    Home compostable: No
    Industrially compostable: Certified to AS4376 Australian Standards, Certified to EN13432 European Standard
    Recyclable: No